CONTEST: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin


One of our favorite albums of the year, Tape Club by SSLYBY, is set for release on October 18th and has been streaming on Bandcamp for weeks.  It's a collection of forgotten tracks from the band and includes twenty-six stunning tracks.  We're extremely lucky to be giving away something special: a very rare original tape from SSLYBY long out of print tape subscription club.  I want to keep it, but it has to go to one of you lucky readers.

If that's not enough, Polyvinyl is also throwing in your pick of a vinyl (black pressing) or cd copy of SSLYBY's new album Tape Club.  


1.) You have to follow SSLYBY on twitter:!/sslyby

2.) As you can see in the top photo, the Tape Club cover, the band stands on the roof of a house.  In the comment section, write a brief response about a memory or attachment you have between your home (your current home or a place you have lived before) and music.  Please include your twitter name or e-mail address as I will need to contact you if you win.

Win or lose, picking up a copy of Tape Club is highly recommended.  If you're a vinyl fan like us here at WLFY, Polyvinyl still has limited edition (500 only) maroon pressings of Tape Club.  

CONGRATS TO @kylecalian!


  1. I honestly never really listened to much music until my most recent home, although I've been there for almost 10 years now so its not that unheard of. Listening to music in my room is one of the most calming things I can do. I have a turntable in one corner of my room and all my vinyls on some shelves in another corner.

    Sometimes I just throw a record on, or fire up iTunes, plug in my Sennheiser headphones and just get carried away to a whole 'nother world. It's almost like some kind of other worldly therapy.

    You can find me on twitter @addison_l

  2. My house has a "jam room" in the downstairs. My roommates are musicians (I just have a great appreciation). One of the guys my roommates used to play with was this eccentric drifter type who insisted upon being referred to as Flint. My roommates and him had crafted some 3 songs that they would play over, and over, and over. Flint was more or less homeless. Well he just crashed there after a session once and then it became a trend until one day he was just ALWAYS there. One of the less welcome gifts music has given me but in hindsight makes for some hilarious stories due to how much one of my roommates hated him.

    Thanks for the chance to win that tape though, I only have one tape next to my mound of records and this would make it less lonely!


  3. I'm in my 4th home. The largest attachment I have is to the 3rd. More so to the yard. Of which I spent a lot of time mowing. All the time I spent mowing the semi-large yard, I enjoyed an exposure to many full albums (which I very much enjoy now) that I may not have stuck through to the end on with casual listening. I will cherish that yard for making me become more of a seasoned music listener.


  4. Ghostbusters was huge for me when I was younger. I was probably 5 or 6 years old and remember seeing a box of Lucky Charms in the grocery store. It had a small record plastic wrapped to the box and I begged my mom to get it for me. My brother and I were so excited when she did grab it off the shelf, and when we got home, mom put the record on for us while we screamed and boogied to the Ghostbuster's theme music. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen that came with a box of cereal. I still have it and still play it on my parent's old turntable, and it is my favorite item linking back to the home I once lived as a child.


  5. I grew up in something like 6 houses moving throughout New York as a kid and the only constant i had then from all the chaos and changing friends and places was my favorite music.

    I think its not the connection i have with where i live now, but where i lived and the significant impact each place has had on me. I have specific connections to music at different homes and places.

    Ever since my dad gave me his record collection, i've always had an appreciation for albums as pieces of art, and each one has a euphoric attachment to each home i've ever had and section of growing up.


  6. When we bought our first house last year, we purchased a lot of things: new furniture; new rugs; new washer/dryer; etc. While these are obvious necessities, I also demanded one other, more important item: my first turntable. Although my wife didn't get it at first, when I spun Bright Eyes' "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" for the first time, she was sold. That album soundtracked our first year of marriage and now our first year in the new house. Since then, the turntable has become a fixture, of sorts, in the house, with our friends always asking us to get it out when they visit.

  7. I have moved quite a lot in my life, between various states and such but it's my most recent home that has really connected me with music.
    My room now is almost entirely music focused. A shelf for records and CDs, a dresser where my sound system and record player sit, old, cheap, guitars scattered around, and a desk for song writing and recording. It's this home that has really experience music because I now have a home for my music as well. A place where I can sit down, relax, and listen to albums and get lost in the art. Occasionally I will sit down and listen to an album with the lyrics in front of me and marvel at the artistry of the music.
    Music has been part of me my entire life, starting with me being in orchestra since I was a kid but it was at this current home that I truly appreciated it.
    This home has allowed me to mature as one who listens to music and as one who writes music. This home has allowed me to form a band with some great friends and it has allowed me to experience music in a way that I had never thought of before.

    -Twitter: @Nintendude93
    -Email: solarpolitiks(AT)

  8. I moved into my current home my junior year of high school, and about a year after that, I got my first record player. At first, I only had the records my parents had kept, but I quickly took to going to record stores, garage sales and antique stores to find more. My collection has grown to over 500 in about four years, but the record player has stayed put ever since I first brought it home. It's in a sort of second living room - one that doesn't get much traffic.

    Sometimes it's nice to sit in there by myself and listen to records, and other times I turn up the stereo so I can hear it throughout the whole first floor. I really love cooking with a record on. It always seems to make me feel more relaxed and easy going when a record is spinning.

    Twitter - @petercauvel

  9. The house I grew up in had a large flat semi roof in front. It had the best view of downtown and I spent a lot of nights out there listening to music, hanging out or reading. There was enough space for a fair amount of people and it was the best spot for watching fireworks on New Year's or the 4th. The people who bought it after my dad moved out redid the roofing and now it is an ungodly red color and completely unusable.

  10. Some of my favorite college memories were made in my apartment last year. My turntable and our collection of records adorned the walls, and we would invite people over to drink coffee and listen to music. We'd play really chill songs at night just as it was turning to fall, loud enough that we could hear it from the porch while we smoked. It honestly is one of the most nostalgic and comforting memories that I have made in college thus far.


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  12. I've spent my life moving around the world. Born in Hong Kong, moved to Milan, then to Toronto, then back to Milan, then to London, then Bangkok, then London.

    I've lived away from my parents for just about six years now - they're in Padua (Italy) whilst I'm in London. I never got a chance to feel attached to a home and have always wished that I did. I don't have a real home, so for me, my disc man, mp3 player, iPod and now Macbook is my place of calm and alone time.

    Wherever I travel, I take my mac with me because it has all my music from over 10 years ago (ripped) in my iTunes library. I have it all here, and only I have access to it.

    I know this is a copout of an answer, but that's me. I'm also @stefstefs4 -


  13. When I was younger I was terrified of my dad. He worked all day and when he came home he ate dinner, went to the basement, and listened to his records. I always did my best to avoid my dad, but for some odd reason one night I decided to join him in the basement. He was playing Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" album. All we did was sit there, eat popcorn, and listen. After that night, every night after dinner he would knock on my bedroom door to let me know he would be in the basement listening to music.


  14. Growing up, my brother and his band would always play in our garage. Its where i learned the most about music and that its not about myspace fans, its about stickin' it to the man every night.


  15. I had my own "attic" room - a 280 sq studio apartment above a sporting goods store in a little Missouri downtown. In the summers I'd leave my windows open and as music from local bands sandwiched me from venues on opposite ends of the street, I'd put on my favorite albums and add my own music to the mix. More often than not it was some good old Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.


  16. When I moved in with my wife into our current apartment 4 years ago, I was an avid vinyl fan but my wife was pretty indifferent about it. My fondest moment was an evening when she told me she wanted to buy her first album on vinyl. She purchased it and I showed her how to use the table. Since then, she has been hook. Now every summer when I come home from work, I can hear music blasting from the home through the screen door and its my wife rockin out to vinyl. I will always remember this apartment as the place where my wife and I started our mutual love for music on vinyl.

    PS - bought the maroon vinyl version of Tape Club. Just got the shipment notice too!! WOO HOO!

    Burris (from Me & Mountains)

  17. When I was younger, I lived in a house with my grandma and all of my aunts and uncles. I used to spend all my time either watching telenovelas or hanging in my aunt's room, which is where I really got hooked on music. My aunt had posters of blink 182 and a bunch of other rockabilly bands on the walls. I would put in a random tape or cd of hers into the stereo and imagine I was performing for a crowd, air guitar and all. This pretty much molded my everlasting love of music... My taste in music evolved and branched out into different genres but it never ceased to tug at my heartstrings. :)

  18. Some of my best memories come from this summer. My house would usually be empty during the day, so when everyone was gone me and my best friend would bring these old lawn chairs on to my roof and put them right over the peak where they would be stable. In the mornings he would come over, we would both still be in pajamas, and we would have nice early morning wake and bake sessions on my roof with broom playing in the background. There's nothing more relaxing than toking with your buddy drinking a cup of coffee in lawn chairs on the roof listening to sslyby. Now that summers over and i'm back at college one of the things i miss the most are those mornings listening to music on my roof.


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  20. As far as home's go, I have a house in Fremont, California, but the place I live most of the year now is my band's airport bus that we tour in. Sometimes when the days have been rough, and money isn't working out as well as we hoped, I just kinda have to tune out whats happening and listen to some music. One particular time was when we had crashed off the road into a ditch and it was icy outside. To get it towed was gonna cost way more money than any of us had, and we were still 2,000 miles from home and just the gas was going to be a stretch. We weren't getting out of the car before the tow truck came, so I put my headphones on and tried to forget about what was happening. Music really helps lighten up a cruddy situation.


  21. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents' house. They both were children of Italian immigrants and so my Nonno (grandpa) would play a lot of old Italian music in the house. I have this one distinct memory of my Nonno sitting in his big leather arm chair, smoking a pipe like the badass he was, while Italian music was on the turntable and I, no older than six, was spinning around the Sun Room. I twirled for hours just listening to the music my Nonno would put on.

    My apologies for the mushy memories but any other story like my dad giving me my first Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill CD at age 7 to play on my hello kitty alarm clock radio/CD player seemed pretty generic in comparison.

  22. in high school, i was the go to guy for new night with no where to go, had everyone back at my house for a party in my parents were home, but everyone wanted to hear the newest hip hop tunes, so I would sneak people into my house, 2 at a time, to listen to my newest vinyl purchases..the winter of 95'.. JG

  23. My house is full of music. I listen to music at least 2 hours a day. Listening to music can bring out so many different emotions in you. It can calm you down, pump you up, get you happy, make you sad. And being in a house while listening to music is brilliant because it can place powerful emotions with those memories. One example, a few years back, I was playing Star Wars battlefronts and listening to the album "I" by the Magnetic Fields. Now, every time I play that game, I think of those songs and vice versa. Whenever I would clean my room, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin would be blasting. "Broom" and "Pershing" would fill a room and make me feel so happy that I Think I Wanna Die (see what I did there?). Anyways, music fills my home all the time due to how much I love it and embrace it.

  24. i grew up in the sort of neighborhood that was nowhere near the neighborhoods people actually lived in, which meant no after-school play time with friends for six year old me. i did have plenty of vinyl though, and even more technologically amazing, a tape recorder that i dragged up and down the house with me. it's what i used to record indoor adventures: giggle-filled fridge inventories to the tune of the alphabet song, attempted cat interviews and a handful of sing-alongs with couch-top choreography to boot. the magic of k7s! i'm back in the same house now and that couch is long gone but its replacement is in the exact same spot i leaped from, breaking my arm, singing and dancing to one of menudo's greatest hits.


  25. Congrats to @kylecalian on winning the prize package. I was blown away by the amazing responses and couldn't pick so I had Hank take on the tough task. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories, has refreshed my own love for music reading these.