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I read a lot of music websites...too many.  With all these new tumblrs my google reader is currently at five hundred and twenty two sites.  If each of those sites post twice a's a lot of reading and "staring" for later.  I don't typically recommend sites to people that are in their infancy because one of the big feats of a blogger, regardless of quality, is to make it past two years with regular posting.  Here is to hoping Synchroness sticks around and works hard because this site has a lot of potential.

Their mission statement is simple:

"We created this site to show how music interacts with, defines, reshapes, and brings life to moving images."

The writer's have impressive resumes: Creative directors, music supervisors, and an editorial director.  This is a fresh site that will offer exploration of visuals/sound and how they work toghther, something I'm very interested in as both a film and music fan.  I recommend adding this site to your daily reads as it appears to be a newcomer with a lot of potential and a endless pool of source material for fascinating pieces of writing.


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