ATO Recalling My Morning Jacket "Circuital" Deluxe Vinyl

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We're obsessed with vinyl over here at WLFY and stories like this as very disappointing and encouraging at the same time.  I heard from a few friends (looking at your Louisville) that complained that the deluxe green vinyls packaged for "Circuital" were extremely warped.  This plays into the anti-vinyl argument that vinyl is an unstable product.  I have records that were pressed in the 60's and play beautifully...and CD's that skip after a few months, so...

The good news is ATO is amazing and is taking action.  One of my favorite websites: VINYL HOUND has the scoop:

Note: At the request of ATO records, I promised not to comment on this situation until the label and band had a chance to issue an official statement. I agreed.

So, if you were one of the many folks who purchased the Circuital Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, you've probably noticed by now that your limited edition green vinyl is virtually unplayable due to severe warpage of one or both of the vinyl discs. If they aren’t, consider yourself lucky.

When I first received my box set, I eagerly placed the first disc on the turntable and let it spin. And boy was I startled by the loud, abrasive noise that followed when my stylus was launched from the groove and sent bouncing across the first track. After snapping my head round to see wtf, I immediately noticed the severe warpage and instantly lifted the needle from the record.

So then I placed the second disc on the turntable and, sadly, discovered it, too, had the same defect. I was aghast. All other items in the box were as perfect as the day they were made so, I assumed this was all due to a manufacturing flaw or exposure to extreme heat somewhere along the supply chain. 

Anyway, after some initial panic, I got my thoughts together and starting emailing anyone remotely involved with the purchase (i.e. Top Spin, ATO, Band Merch, and even band representatives). After an initial response from ATO indicating they were looking into my situation, the next couple of weeks passed without a remark from anyone. I was getting nervous.

Then a few days ago I received a very honest and revealing email from ATO. Essentially, they admitted the problem was widespread and indicated everyone who purchased the deluxe box will soon receive a new pair of green LPs at no charge. I was immediately impressed with their decision and thrilled that I would soon be getting replacement GREEN vinyl! I quickly responded letting them know how much I respected their concern for their customers and the pride they put in to their products. Not something you see often enough from a record label.

A few days after that, ATO released this statement:

Dear Discerning Vinyl Consumer,

As you are no doubt already aware, the manufacture and distribution of high-quality phonograph records is a highly-nuanced and sometimes tricky business that is subject to any number of vicissitudes as the finely grooved discs travel along the path from their origin to you, the listener.

It has come to our attention that an unfortunately high percentage of folks who purchased the "Deluxe Box" edition of My Morning Jacket's Circuital discovered a most unfortunate condition of warpage on one or both of their green 12" LPs. That is why, in order to guarantee maximum value and listening pleasure, new pairs of brand-new, warp-free green LPs are being mailed out to all purchasers of the "Deluxe Box" free of charge. So watch your mailbox. And hold on to your gatefold sleeves and jackets, folks, you'll be needing those for your new discs.

We offer our sincerest apologies for this unfortunate circumstance, and we thank all of our partners in manufacturing and distribution for working hard to help us correct the situation. They all remain committed to delivering top-notch goods and we're glad for that.

We thank you for your patience and for giving us a chance to make things right. And enjoy the green LPs, we think they sound fantastic.


ATO Records
How fuckin' awesome is that!  And I just got my replacement vinyl in the mail today to boot! Everything, for once, is right in the world. Thank you ATO, My Morning Jacket, Top Spin, Band Merch, United Pressing, and whoever else who was involved!

... and they all lived happily ever after.

And by the way, ATO recording artists Dawes and Gomez's deluxe vinyl packages have recently arrived in my mailbox and, not only are they freakin' awesome, the vinyl is flawless!

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