Track Of The Day: Nerves Junior - "As Bright As Your Night Light"


It's been over a year since I saw Nerves Junior open for Cults at Zanzabar in Louisville.  I immediately asked for some tracks to post on WLFY because the live show was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard.  Unfortunately they didn't have anything recorded and said something would be available soon.  Weeks turned into months and I moved away from Louisville to Los Angeles.  Today, the best record store in America, Ear X-Tacy, posted on twitter a link to listen to Nerves Junior's first recorded track.

"As Bright As Your Night Light" is a track without any concrete comparisons.  Some of the electronics feel like Nine Inch Nails or Radiohead, but the overall sound of the track doesn't quite fit into any specific genre or comparisons with other bands.  For me, that makes this track all the more special as it's captured the same jaw on the floor reaction I had to their live show.  The drums that come in on the track are large and imaginative, the electronics are slick and unique, and the vocals feel like the essence of cool (calm and in control).  My favorite part of the song comes at the 1:50 mark where the thick chorus drops off and the lead singer says: "Sending signals, only you and I know/flip your hair if the answer is no/crack your knuckles/blink three times/grab your coat and I'll grab mine".  With that, the track explodes back into action, with huge drums and out of space keys rattling around the headphones.  I've been mesmerized by their live show, this track proves they can write an infectious song, now it's time for them to tackle a full length record.

Thanks to Ear X-Tacy for the heads up