Mother Mother - "Simply Simple" (Live MP3 XM/SXSW 2011)


I don't think a week has passed since Mother Mother has released their wonderful LP Eureka that I haven't put the vinyl on the turntable and enjoyed the spin.  The band recorded an acoustic version of the track "Simply Simple" for XM radio while at SXSW this year and now it's available for download.  I love the songwriting and more importantly the swirling of majestic voices that enter the ears and float around in the mind.  Beautiful is an overused word but concerning Mother Mother it's even not enough to explain their magic as a band.


  1. Can you try to get the one they did for Explore Music? I love that version.

  2. These guys are the best band to come out of Canada in a long long time. Can't wait to see them in Toronto at the Sound Academy. VERY addictive music!!!!!
    Keep it up!