March Music Madness 2011

WLFY's 4th annual MARCH MUSIC MADNESS!!!!!

We've spent the last month narrowing down thousands of bands to 64 to compete for the title. Our criteria was the following:

Had to have an album 2005 to present.
Had to have been created after 1985.
Ranked and picked on current buzz/relevancy/and overall discography.
Previous winners can not compete:
2008: Radiohead
2009: Animal Collective
2010: Arcade Fire

Each round, YOU, the reader will vote on each of these match ups and the band/artist with the most votes moves to the next round. Voting is as simple as a mouse click and will be embedded into this site for your convenience. The criteria for your vote is up to for who is more "now"....your personal favorite...coolest name...anything.  This is THE ORIGINAL March Music Madness, don't be fooled by impersonators.  Since SXSW lands on the first week of the men's March Madness, the first round of our tournament will start on Monday March 21st.  This is always a lot of fun, so be on the look out, tell/tweet your friends, fill out your prediction brackets, and vote for the band/artist you would like to see take home the crown.


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What's your favorite match up?  Who do you want to win?  Who do you think will win?  Let us know in the comment section or @welistenforyou on twitter.


  1. How the hell did Big Boi but not Gypsy & The Cat get in there?

  2. Very cool idea with the march madness. My Elite 8 are Radio Dept. vs Broken Social Scene, The Strokes vs TVOTR, The XX vs Vampire Weekend, Wilco vs The Walkmen. With Radio Dept. The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and Wilco all advancing. The Strokes over Wilco in the Finals. For the Win

  3. Can't see Kanye having much trouble making the Final Four... unless the Fleet Foxes put up a good fight. I'll be shocked if Wilco makes it past the Elite Eight.

  4. There are some relative no-name bands in there, but no Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Hot Chip, Erykah Badu, or Flying Lotus?

    Anyway, Kanye will probably win even though he shouldn't.

  5. The National are my choice for a Cinderella story. Love this.

  6. Bon Iver has a fighting chance against Kanye in the circles this will go to, right?

    Wishing Surfer Blood had been put in as a 16 seed for their fantastic debut. SB > Wavves.



  8. Kanye really ought to's really an amazing album that I can't stop listening

  9. *Had to have been created after 1985.*

    The Flaming Lips released an EP in 1984.

  10. @bentclouds What we had said in years past was first LP post 1985. Messed up with the language this year since it's been three years in the running.