Which State Will It Be ???


50 united states and a LP for each one. This is what Sufjan Stevens promised us. Well, between EP's and excessive Christmas box sets, he doesn't seem to have time to complete this exciting journey. A lot of people have shrugged it off as a joke, but in an AK compilation mix, the liner notes included this: ""Sufjan Stevens is not going to write a record for each of the 50 states after all." A lot of debate has been surrounding which state, if any, will be selected for the next album. Who wouldn't want to hear Sufjan sing about their home state, possibly hitting on the details of your small town. I imagine we will hear something soon and see the album late in the year. Here are some insider tips to figuring out the unknown.

- MINNESOTA: On his late 2005/early 2006 tour, he played a song called "The Maple River"...the river in question runs through southern Minnesota. ODDS 8/1.

- NEW YORK: Sufjan is not only living in New York right now (gathering research???). In late 2007, he played several songs, later referred to as the BQE collection. This is in reference to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which became a weird live show/8mm short film. Confused? I am. But it seems New York has captured a lot of Sufjan's brain space. ODDS 3/1

- CALIFORNIA: In a recent interview (don't have a source...only rumor) Sufjan talked about a collaboration with AK label mate Rafter about the state of Cali. ODDS 10/1

- ARKANSAS: Sufjan mentioned in an interview a song about the ivroy billed woodpecker rediscovered in Arkansas. Unless he keeps up on all the states, this seems like a factual investigation that could lead to an LP. ODDS 15/1

- OREGON: Rumored to be the next. No facts. ODDS 20/1

- RHODE ISLAND: Rumored to be the next. No facts. I think this is the front runner even without any facts...I remember this leaking as news...and just seems like the next logical state...in a process where logic doesn't exists. ODDS 2/1 (MY PICK)

Feel free to post a comment with your pick. If you get it in before Sufjan announces the next state and you get it right, we'll dedicate a post to your musical genius.


  1. I'm going with california.

    Here is the link you were talking about...


    Peace bro.

    Next choice...Vermont (very indie choice)

  2. actually, sufjan did a song about the ivory billed woodpecker from arkansas. i think it was for npr and can be found on their site