REVIEW: Ravens & Chimes - Reichenbach Falls

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On their myspace page under infulences they say, "we like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Deerhoof and Wolf Parade...don't you?" The calling out of Wolf Parade was interesting to me as I listened to the album, because I feel like it's Wolf Parade without the synths and upbeat hooks. Reichenbach Falls begins with a quick accoustic guitar that hints at louder moments to come, and come they do. The album has an earthly feel to it, maybe it's the mandolin or the beatuful female backup vocals. The music is not as experimental or daring as the eye raisesers of 2007 (Panda Bear, Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces), however its simpicity is the most charming quality. This is an album to listen and enjoy, not to be studied or decrostructed.

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  1. When I said minus the synths...I meant the overpowering, this was one of the few tracks that had a synth.