REVIEW: Natalie Rose Lebrecht - Warraw

I couldn't find much about Lebrecht (I could only find her album on an Asian site and couldn't read the print), so this post is only about the album and sound itself. She has a Joanna Newsom quality, a strange voice that floats around and contrasts the soft guitar playing, like Newsom's harp. The album itself is a story, or one long track, broken into eleven rest, simply for the convinces of the listener to jump ahead like tracks on a DVD. The album grows and grows, reaching an emotional peak that seems to never let go. It's albums like this that I stumble upon late in the year that makes me angry that I've already made my top 25 of 07 because it would definitely be up there. I'm not sure what her success will be in the future with building a larger listening community....but I'm glad I have it on my iPod.

Here are the lyrics to the first track:

"Psychomancy. My limbs are numb. Bits of knowledge
appear before me as iridescent creatures glowing
in a translucency - a translucent sea. Psychomancy. Air that
we breathe. Bubbles float down. Surreal sounds."


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  2. I must have missed over this post before...I really like this album, though I did have to go ahead and move it off to make room for some other things...See, I do like this stuff.....

    oh, and nice advertising at bg