Imagine if a plane carrying the instruments of Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Arcade Fire, Boy Least Likely To, and Dan Deacon crashed in Cincinnati, OH and two folk singers found the wreckage. This is The Seedy Seeds. Accordion, Banjo, Bass, Cello, Synth, Guitar, Kazoo, Drum Beats…all wrapped around a folk sensibility. The perfect example is the song, “Calliope” off their upcoming album, Change States. The song starts with a bold bass/synth/drum line that makes your toe tap. Before a few loops pass, a folk guitar strums with a few hits of synth. Then a pause…they all come together with a banjo and lyrics…the result: it’s beautiful, like opening the curtains to find a sunny day when it’s supposed to be rainy. This band will fool the casual listener, the first track immediately drawing comparisons to Midnight Movies and the best track; “Earned Average Dance America” will be labeled a LCD Soundsystem B-Side. If anything, this band is a cross between Tap Tap and Sufjan Steven’s early work. The band dares to not only do something new but to also challenge the very boundaries of genre. It seems that all the best new bands these days do.


  1. That's what we're going for, that retro feel.

  2. Like a more musically varied Mates of State, shouty pushed out sounding vocals and all. Not a huge fan of the male vocals though. Dude reminds me why I stopped grabbing Half-Handed Cloud's stuffn at times. Worth hearing none the less. Could be a grower. Jen says they need to ditch about 3 songs.

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