Timber Timbre - "Hot Dreams" (Music Video)

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In an early entry for music video of the year, we present Timber Timbre's "Hot Dreams," the schmaltzy simmering track off their release of the same name, out April 1 on Arts and Crafts. I'll admit that this song is one of those that can make your jaw drop. I'd followed Timber Timbre's akimbo chamber-folk a bit in 2009 with their S/T release release but wasn't moved by 2011's Creep On Creepin' On. Here, the group returns with what seems to be a more focused and also more ironic edge. The song begins with a dreamy guitar lick followed by a crooned "I wanna dance / I wanna dance / I wanna dance / with a black woman" as a fishnet clad stripper leads a guy in a wheel chair down the lanes of a strip club that looks like it was pulled from the 1970s. What's remarkable is how the song never seems to lose its emotional urgency despite its camp trappings. If anything, the campy aspects actually accentuate the emotion here as it feels like we hang on the edge between tragic and pitiful.

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