Track Of The Day: Indian Rebound - "Make You Mine"

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Earlier this summer I introduced you to a young up and coming NYC duo known as Indian Rebound. The band consists of Ethan Levenson & John Kallen, two friends who have an incredible gift for penning youthful anthems full of depth. It’s hard to believe that something this good is coming from two high school kids. Well, you better start believing it. Indian Rebound have got the goods.

They first caught my attention with an honest set of demos that showed plenty of promise. This week they posted their first single release on their myspace: “Make You Mine/I’m Not Yours”. Both songs are exuberant displays of strong songwriting and smart musicianship that is as focused and solid as they come. These guys are the real deal.

I once called Indian Rebound a mix of Girls and Elliot Smith, and I still stand behind this statement. With strong songwriting, and an obvious ode to 60s/70s california rock, the band creates a sound with timeless appeal. After drawing inspiration from the classics, the band was able to create a sound that is familiar, yet completely fresh. With tight interplay between Ethan’s guitar riffs and John’s timely percussion, there are plenty of tight hooks and melodies to pack a devastating punch. (It should be noted that they record as a full band in the studio).

The boys recorded two more songs during the same sessions that brought “Make You Mine/I’m Not Yours”. You can hear one of them “Sunshine” over at their myspace. They allowed me to share “Make You Mine” with you guys for free as their first legal download ever. You can stream “I’m Not Yours” right below it. These songs are as equally impressive as they are instantly gratifying. One can only imagine what they can do over time.

Don’t let Indian Rebound get out of your radar. They are most certainly one to watch over the next couple of years.

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