R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt



After rumors and comas, the NY Times confirms that a few hours ago Vic Chesnutt has died. Growing out of the Athens, GA music scene, Chesnutt was a widely regarded musician of the early 90s. At 18, Chesnutt was severely injured in a car accident and lived the rest of his life as a paraplegic. Undaunted, Chesnutt's music became more focused and raw. Listening to him is like hitting a frightened raw nerve inside yourself over and over. He released two albums this year At the Cut and Skitter on Take-Off. The prior held the song "Flirted with You all My Life," where Chesnutt frankly and almost apologetically broke up with Death. In a career where Chesnutt never shied away from the negative, "Flirted with You all My Life" was a playful, heartfelt ode, which seemed to push the singer away from of his own destructive impulses. On the occasion of his death, today, I'll reprint the lyrics for you and post the song.

"Flirted with You all My Life"

I am a man
I am self-aware
And everywhere I go
You're always right there with me

I've flirted with you all my life
Even kissed you once or twice
And to this day I swear it was nice
But clearly I was not ready

When you touched a friend of mine
I thought I would lose my mind
But I found out with time that
really I was was not ready, no no

Oh, Death
Oh, Death
Oh, Death
Really, I'm not ready

Oh, Death you hector me
Decimate those dear to me
Tease me with your sweet release
You are cruel and you are constant

When my mom was cancer sick
She fought but then succumb to it
But you made her beg for it
Lord Jesus, please I'm ready.

Oh, Death
Oh, Death
Oh, Death
Really, I'm not ready (repeat)

RIP Vic. All you others, we hope you have a great Christmas.


  1. man, this is sad. Yesterday evening I sat here and listened to the Skitter On Take-Off LP that just arrived in time for Christmas and I was happy, because I love this album. And now I read that he died and it really brings me down and makes me sad right now. R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt.

  2. such a beautiful song. can't help but think of Warren's "Keep Me in Your Heart for Awhile" while listening to this and considering the situation,