Music Video: The Magnetic Fields - "'83 Foxx and I"

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Easily, one of the highlights of this coming music year will be the release of The Magnetic Fields 50 Song Memoir. In the tradition of 69 Love Songs, the album will be a mammoth, 5 disc undertaking, with each track chronicling a year (or moment in a year) from principle Field Stephin Merritt. The album drops March 10. As teasers, we got a taste, last year of 5 songs from the album, and now almost a month before the release, we get to see some visuals with "'83 Foxx and I." As Merritt describes, the song is a tribute to John Foxx, a synth pioneer, and leader of Ultravox. The video, directed by Alex Basco Koch, uses strings of archival footage to accompany Merritt's appropriately synthy score. Like memory, the video feels like a return to time before, highlighting Merritt's prodigious songwriting.


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