Café Tacvba - "Futuro" (Music Video) - featuring the Pope and Donald Trump

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Long before most of us were even conscious of the neoliberal order, Mexico's Café Tacvba was already galvanizing thousands to fight it through a uniquely eclectic style. Early albums like Re were apt to swing, from one moment to the next, from metal to ranchera. It's been 5 years since there last record and, frankly, we need them back now.

"Futuro" is the second video release from their new album due this spring. For first time listeners, "Futuro" might bring to mind the recent dark psych of The Flaming Lips. The backlit figures from Mexican folklore and trippy ride on a pysched-out magical school bus complete with surreal visions of the U.S. President and the Pope grooving out to an electronic beat seems to encapsulate the surreal pessimism that greets us daily. But, as vocalist Quique Rangel told Billboard "The relationship between life and death and the perception of time are two themes that 'Futuro' explores without solemnity or optimism. But it also points to a brighter promise if we allow ourselves to recognize the here and now (without the desire to be a self-help song)."

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