Dënver - "Mai Love" (Music Video)

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Dënver, our favorite Chilean pop group (sorry Alex & Daniel) dropped an album last year (Sangre Cita), which, sorry to say, we missed. Mostly because we've been letting things slide with...life. But, in a New Years resolution that's taken me almost a month to get around to, we're pleased to share the band's music video for "Mai Love," directed by Bernardo Quesney. If the 80s pop doesn't get you, the CANADA-esque video--featuring Mariana Montenegro in a variety of costumes from her skivvies (see above) to fake beard beer drinking--no doubt will. I described Dënver as what would happen if "ABBA had grown up in Chile with Wes Anderson movies." All I'll add to that now is that if you can't get on board with this band, I'm not really sure what's stopping you. Is it the Spanish? Is it the fact that they're not based in the US? I mean, c'mon, I'm resorting to publicizing this post with a picture of panties! Geez. 


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