Track of the Day: The Sandwitches - "Play it Again Dick"


San Francisco's The Sandwitches were one of those Spotify finds for me. After a couple clicks I came upon this perversely ethereal song "In the Garden" which seemed to be told from the perspective of a rim job obsessed snake. It's hard not to get captivated by the David Lynchian songs and haunting melodies. This June, the group releases their final album, Our Toast via Empty Cellar Records and the first taste is the whimsically titled "Play It Again Dick." With a menacing downbeat and slow rolling, lilted vocals, "Play it Again Dick" manages what so many Sandwitches songs do -- to live on that rough edge of emotion and irony. Listening to their tracks, you often wonder if the knowledge of your own pain is what makes that fucker hurt even worse.



  2. It's really rocking from the album. May be hope the best of the year from The Sandwitches. Thank you for sharing another rocking download.

  3. is one of the most exciting, unexpected moments I have had listening to music this year. Beautiful piano melodies are the hinge point of many songs by The Sandwitches, but the up-beat, carnivalesque piano melody played on “Sunny Side” creates an immediate atmosphere, I harken to an upbeat, 1920s state fair.
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