The Best Song You Didn't Hear This Year


If you've read WLFY with any regularity over the last five years, you've certainly heard me sing the praises of Louisville's Nerves Junior.  They're debut LP, As Bright As Your Night Light, was and will always be one of the most important albums to ever come out of Louisville.  It was pure evil and even as a small indie release was named the #1 album of 2011 on Pretty Much Amazing.

For all the talent Nerves Junior displays, they might be the most unlucky bands I've ever admired. From their changing lineup due to problems that would make one hell of a "tell all biography" to their van breaking down and being sold for scraps on the way down to SXSW...Nerves Junior has never been dealt a fair hand.  Somehow the band regrouped and were better than ever with a fantastic new drummer and bass player for their near-perfect Craters EP.  Those three songs seemed to be a signal that the band was ready for a big comeback, but fans waited and nothing followed.  

Leave it to the mysterious Nerves Junior to pop out of nowhere and quietly release one of the best tracks of 2014 on a steamboat compilation.  The fantastically creepy "Last Ones In" finds Nerves Junior taking their evil electronics down to the bayou and digging up swampy melodies that drag along with perfect confidence in its slow pace.  I'm not going to spoil too much of the brilliance of this song, but the magic of Nerves Junior shows itself once again right in the middle as the music takes a sharp turn and almost brought me to tears on the first listen.  

A band like Nerves Junior is just a baffling case.  Their talent is nearly unmatched in the contemporary music scene, but they seem to have been through the ringer and now just satisfied writing music in the shadows.  I've heard rumors that they have an entire LP recorded and just keeping it to themselves. I hope the karma of the music world turns in their favor at one point in their career; until then I'll enjoy peeling back the mysterious layers that make up Nerves Junior...and if nothing else, enjoy their life changing music.

Last Ones In appears on the BELLE 100 Comp

All profits from CD sales will benefit the Belle of Louisville’s endowment fund. Taxpayers presently subsidize the Belle yearly to the calliope tune of over $100,000 so any donations to the endowment are truly a gift to the community.


  1. Nice song and nice recommendation. Have missed As Bright As Your Night Light. That was my Colin Stetson year and this was overlooked.

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