Tom Vek - "Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)" Music Video


Tom Vek's 2005 album, We Have Sound, is a weird gem in my vinyl collection.  Every few years I meet a fellow Tom Vek die-hard and it's this weird cultish nod that Vek should be more of a household name. We all have our time and place albums that act as time machines, bringing back all the senses of those specific moments.  For me, Vek takes me nearly a decade back with We Have Sound and after all this time I just can hope that people start giving more attention to one of my personal favorites.  Vek's infectious new single, "Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)" is a great place to start.

Tom Vek
Release Date: June 10th, 2014
Label: Moshi Moshi

1. How Am I Meant To Know
2.  Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)
3.  Broke

4. Pushing Your Luck
Ton Of Bricks
6. Trying To Do Better

7. The Girl You Wouldnʼt Leave For Any Other Girl
8.  A Mistake
9. Youʼll Stay

10. The Tongue Avoids The Teeth
11. Letʼs Pray


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