Track Of The Day: Black Birds of Paradise - "Beware Of The Sun"


The newest offering from Louisville's Black Birds Of Paradise is a twisted road of changing sounds that uses each new track to shoot off in a different direction.  It's a complicated but exciting listen as earthy tones are sprinkled with enough energy to elevate the listening experience from "this is nice" to "this is an amazing 'start to finish' LP".  It's difficult to highlight just one track (go listen to the full album!) but the pensive "Beware Of The Sun" is a great entry point into Black Birds Of Paradise.  

As with most of their tracks, BBOP straddle the emotional line of being uplifting with the slightest hints that trouble lurks behind it all.  This thought is confirmed when the song switches on a dime at the 1:10 mark and introduces a darker melody, as if the band is lost in deep brush and darkness.  The band finds their way out and jumps right back into the original trajectory of the song.  BBOP have put out a bold LP that is a must listen for any music fan who gets excited by a band who is always one step ahead of them.  The album moves from rock to lounge...from Arcade Fire's early work to the hits of's all over the place, yet, perfectly in control every second.



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