Track Of The Day: Papercuts - "Still Knocking At The Door"

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I've always had a soft spot for Papercuts ever since Can't Go Back wouldn't leave my turntable for the good part of 2007.  The band, centered around Jason Quever, has never been one to relish in flashy technique or any elements that would place Papercuts in the ears of mainstream music listeners. Papercuts, over five full length albums, have just been perfectly fine.  

I know my job is to pitch every band/track/discovery as this life changing experience, but sometimes good songs and good bands can become great through consistency.  Papercuts will never thrill with a single moment or song...they have earned the opportunity over fourteen years to be considered as a whole and not just one track or great album. After hearing the newest single, "Still Knocking At The Door", it's clear that Papercuts are still as solid as ever.  As I get older, strong consistency seems so much more attractive than a quick buzz birth and burn out.  


Life Among the Savages
(Easy Sound / Memphis Industries)
Release Date: May 6th, 2014


1. Still Knocking At The Door
2. New Body
3. Life Among The Savages
4. Staring At The Bright Lights
5. Family Portrait
6. Easter Morning
7. Psychic Friends
8. Afterlife Blues
9. Tourist


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