Track of the Day: Planningtorock - "Human Drama"

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In a matter of months I managed to fall so completely out of love with music, so much so that I haven't really even felt like myself. The details of how and why this happened are too tedious and self-righteous to discuss, but the gist of it all centers around my disenchantment with the medium as a way to convey emotion in a meaningful way. But that's another story for another day.

What matters is what Jam Ronstron (formerly Janine) has spent years crusading at the forefront of: gender equality and feminism. But for Jam, and myself, Planningtorock's music is about more than that. It's about identity, confidence and the arrival of change. The human drama of life as we each live it. With the string of singles leading up to the release of All Love's Legal in February, Ronstron has presented herself with such unwavering devotion and sincerity that it's hard to look away. Just like on W, Ronstron continues to blend her androgynous yet powerful vocals with liquid synths and surreal strings, combining for a sound still all its own. All drama is not created equal, but all humans are. And that's what makes "Human Drama" so exceptionally beautiful.

Human Drama - Planningtorock from planningtorock on Vimeo.


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