Juana Molina - "Eras" (Music Video)

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Juana Molina's Wed 21 has become one of my most engrossing listens of the year. For those of you haven't heard, Molina is essentially a one-woman band. Think the looping and layering of Andrew Bird without strings, as a soundscape unfolds from noises, vocal tones, and the universe inside Molina. It's a totally new way to hear music and on "Eras" the lead track from Wed 21 we're treated to the inside of Molina's mind as well. This video is worthy of Guillermo del Torro of Pan's Labyrinth fame. Meet Bichapong - a blue-faced monster with an extra eye where the mouth should be. Molina seems to be doing her part to revitalize the grotesque here as the video features poison, cactus sowing, and other macabre delights.


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