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A couple years ago, as the economy was entering into a recession, music labels were falling like fat kids getting punched in the stomach and the entire identity of "indie" fell into this weird limbo (where it still resides), Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired, suggested new economic model for music. The concept was simple. Rather than attempting to continually reach more people, cultivate lasting relationships. It became known as 1000 Fans. In a certain way, it's how we started to run this blog. We know we're not as well read as Drowned in Sound, Stereogum, You Ain't No Picasso, etc. But what we try to do is bring you things we believe in (or that we don't believe in for a reason). You can place this in the former category.

Singles Club is the brain child of Chris Muccioli and Jeffrey Silverstein (of Secret Mountains and Soft Cat). The concept is pretty simple. Each year, they send 4 singles with accompanying narrative composition from the artist and electronic journal. You might want to think of it as a music McSweeney's, which drops quarterly music on you as well as some nifty accoutrements. Or you can just watch this video that will explain it better than I will:

Now that you're done with that, take a second and give thanks for music by donating. Here.


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