Damien Jurado - "Silver Timothy" (Music Video)

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Last month, Damien Jurado shared a trailer for his forthcoming LP, ambitiously titled Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. The clip featured a snippet of an as yet unknown single as well as studio footage, interviews and joint smoking with Jurado and the album's producer Richard Swift. Today, Jurado put a name to that initial track in a video for "Silver Timothy." The song picks up where Jurado and Swift left off on Maraqopa, with Jurado's buoyant acoustic and hushed howl backed by Swift's spacey and danceable rhythms.

"Before working with Richard I used to dread making records, and I don't anymore," Jurado said in the trailer. "That's all changed. To see him work is just awesome, because he is able to hear things in music that I don't hear… There's no rules. That's really neat about working with Swift, he takes this rule book with recording and music and expectation and so on - and just throws it out the window. And I think that is the best thing about working with that guy."

On the self-described sequel to Maraqopa, Jurado and Swift appear intent on adding a bit of muscle to the songwriter's innate pastoral quality. Fortunately, if "Silver Timothy" is any indication, the pair manages to pull off this feat without sacrificing any of Jurado's intimacy. Like Curtis Mayfield, Jurado's soft-spoken vocal delivery demands the listener's attention despite the expansiveness of Swift's R&B-centric production. Watch the video for "Silver Timothy" directed by Justin Koleszar below and pre-order your copy of Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son from SC Distribution.


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