Track Of The Day: Grizzly Bear - "Will Calls (Marfa Demo)"

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Grizzly Bear has always had the incredible skill of making sounds that feel like living things.  Throughout their discography, sounds are introduced, tampered with, and evolve into their fully realized sonic end point.  This notion is front and center on "Will Call (Marfa Demo), as we find the band once again being extremely comfortable in letting their ideas develop slowly with such precession it almost feels effortless.

One of the hardest skills a band can master is to be patient and it never feels like a second thought for Grizzly Bear.  Just looking at the ups and downs of the soundcloud wave below, it becomes clear that this is a band that understands tension and it's incredible power in art.  The softest moments not only sooth, but act as rising action for multiple sound climaxes that turn tension into powerful payoff.  With most of Grizzly Bear's music, the end result is an introspective and emotional journey through raw beauty that never has to smooth out its edges.  Grizzly Bear is and will remain one of the most important bands we have today because nothing is ever forced.  They understand that through the organic movement of a track or album, smaller thoughts built up over time pack a bigger punch than momentary decisions that shock but don't last forever like the perfectly paced "Will Calls (Marfa Demo)".  


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