The Dismemberment Plan - "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer"

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Anyone who follows this blog knows that perhaps my favorite band of all time is The Dismemberment Plan -- the DC group that broke ground in post punk trying to fuse Radiohead & R&B.  It was wonderful late 90s avant garde: a band that was too into fun to give that much of a fuck about being cool.  When the band's reunion 2 years ago for the reissue of their seminal Emergency & I, I was the last person that thought it would result in a new record (it's called Uncanney Valley and upon us Oct. 15). But now, three tracks in, we're starting to get a taste of what the actual record is.  

I was one of the most jubilant over the band's new tracks a few months ago. There was something joyous, rocking, and altogether throwback (in the good way!) about what the band was doing. See previous comment about not giving a fuck.  One of the tracks that gave me the most hope was "Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer" which we receive in its polished form here.  There's a slackness to the track that felt sped up on our first taste, but the Plan has amplified their instrumentation making a thickness to the sound that sounds...well, grown up. I'm pretty on the fence about what I've heard so far and, honestly, I want to reserve judgement for the whole thing, because, well a new D-Plan record hasn't come around in over a decade. And, let's face it: I'm older too.


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