Dënver Take a Break

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UPDATE: Looks like only Mariana is leaving Dënver, but the future is still up in the air.  The group will play Mexico before doing some dates in their native Chile.  Here's the latest FB post.  En espanol, claro que si!

It's not the best news to get back to blogging into, but one of the finds of the past year, the Chilean duo Dënver have decided to take a break. You might remember them from our review of their album this year Fuera de Campo. According to their Facebook, Mari and Milk (Mariana Montenegro & Milton Mahan) will fulfill two final shows in Mexico -- one in Mexico City the other in Guadalajara before parting ways. The separation comes only two days after their latest video for "Las Fuerzas" (the opener off Fuera) hit YouTube.  You can watch it below.


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