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Hank and I are constantly losing sleep over the very real idea that somewhere, tucked away in the world, is a very special band/artist not getting the recognition they deserve.  That's why we named our blog We Listen For You, to sift through hundreds of submissions to bring you, the reader, some undiscovered gems and spark debate about music.  We try our hardest to cover multiple genres and give everyone a shot, but it will never be enough.  This is where you come in.

I'm constantly meeting people who tell me about a spectacular band/artist that they only know about and who deserves much more attention.  We want YOU to write a post about these unknown special bands that you love.  Here are the details.

Subject Heading: Reader Recommendation - (Name Of Act)

What we want:

1.) A piece of writing describing why this band is special to you.  We want your voice to pour off the page to the point that the reader has to listen to this proposed band/artists.  It can be one paragraph to an entire word limits.

2.) A photo link of the band or corresponding album art.

3.) All the details of the album/track release.  Facebook page link, twitter link, where we can buy the album, etc.

4.)  We want your name and twitter link.  Can also submit without these, but want to give you credit.

5.) Link to a soundcloud or bandcamp song/album stream.  Youtube or video links are fine too.  We want to be able to post the music along with the write up.

How we pick:

We are going to pick and post these submissions ONLY OFF THE WRITING.  As music is subjective, we get to impose our musical tastes everyday on WLFY...for this section we are picking the most passionate and interesting writing regardless of genre or our personal taste.  

This section will be running as long as we are, so feel free to take your time and make sure to shine.  If we don't pick your piece (we're going to be very selective), feel free to submit multiple times.  Bands/Artists can submit too, but it can't be about your own band.  We look forward to your submissions and can't wait to post these hidden gems.


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