Kurt Vile - "KV Crimes" (Music Video)

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I've been pretty close to making a playlist called "Slacker BBQ" to listen to while, you know, I BBQ.  The only problem is it'd pretty much just be Kurt Vile.  If Random Access Memories is the party mix of the summer, then Walkin on a Pretty Daze is the perfect mix for walking around your house in track pants, reading a book for a couple pages, and then firing up the grill for no one in particular.

Being an anthem for summer is cool enough but now Mr. Vile has a day named after him, as Philly has declared August 28th "Kurt Vile Day." Vile will play solo at 5:30 on that day to close out the City Hall Presents concert series.  Pretty cool - and just in time to put it up with Vile's video for album standout "KV Crimes."


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