Track Of The Day: Cowboy Indian Bear - "Let It Down"

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I've always had a problem writing about bands that are just undoubtedly great.  With Cowboy Indian Bear, we have a four piece of talented musicians who craft poppy, but smart rock tunes.  A few weeks ago I caught them live and immediately knew I would have a problem communicating what just seemed to be inherent about this band...they're a solid group.  It's a cop out I know, it's my job to fill your head with imagery, context, use the word "jangly" and "sun soaked", but sometimes a band does all the work for the writer.  

Since seeing Cowboy Indian Bear live, their newest LP offering Live Old, Die Young had been a mainstay on my turntable because the immediate catchiness of their songs quickly gives way to a better understanding of how talented these musicians truly are.  It's probably to their detriment that music writers can't fill up pages about their backstory or wax poetic about their music (basically patting their own vocabulary on the back), but there are rare instances in music today where the music itself is all that matters.  The music speaks for itself and Cowboy Indian Bear needs to be heard.

Cowboy Indian Bear
Live Old, Die Young
Label: The Record Machine
Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
(Vinyl limited to 250)


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