Track Of The Day: Whistle Peak - "Longrun"


There are special bands that seem to have these impossibly large toy boxes full of magical instruments crafted specifically for them to reach bizarrely perfect moments of unique sound.  That's how I've always felt about Louisville's Whistle Peak, who released one of WLFY's favorite albums in 2012 with the brilliantly calm, yet powerful Half Asleep On Echo Falls.  The band is back with a new LP, Put To Flight, a collection of twelve previously unreleased songs written over the last ten years.  Since the tracks were written over such a long stretch of time, it will be interesting to see if Whistle Peak can curate their changing sound over the years to make a cohesive and complete album.  I'm not sure, but the first single "Longrun" indicates that this might be a special album.

"Longrun" is a straightforward track with a ghostly synth bleeping in and out only to have that previously mentioned toy box of sounds completely overwhelm the song with scattered sounds.  I don't think I've ever written "overwhelm" and "scattered" in a music review and meant it as a compliment, but "Longrun" is a track that is constantly evolving around an explosion of methodically placed sounds.   Whistle Peak has always juxtaposed stoic vocals that seem drift casually over melodies that are very textured and visual, leaving the classic Whistle Peak fingerprint on every note of the song.  "Longrun" isn't a song that will break radio charts or a tune you throw on at a party, but it's a mysterious track that has amazing rewards for those who are willing to peel back the intense layers of unique sound after sound.

Whistle Peak
Off Put To Flight
Release Date: April 22nd, 2013