IMPORTANT WAX: Port St. Willow - Holiday

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Port St. Willow
Double 12"

All music deserves to be immortalized on wax, but occasionally an album comes along that needs to be on vinyl.  Port St. Willow's Holiday is an album with sounds that bloom from the soil that we walk on everyday.  Pair the magic warming qualities of vinyl with the pure earthiness of Holiday and a necessary listening experience is born.  It's easy to think of this as a transaction of currency for a physical artistic document, but I've listened to this album for the last year and have been obsessed with vinyl for close to a decade...this "Important Wax" is much more then a simple purchase, it's an opportunity to own something that can easily change your life.  Very few albums have that power, but I can guarantee that Holiday on wax will fulfill this large claim for most of you.

Bonus Track
(Included on Vinyl Release)


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