WLFY/sonaBLAST! Records SXSW Party (PREVIEW)

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Thursday March 14th, 2013
1106 E 11th Street
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We're overflowing with excitement as the WLFY/sonaBLAST! Records SXSW Day Party is only a few days away.  Before we get into the lineup that has us salivating, I wanted to talk about the venue, Kenny Dorham's Backyard (1106 E. 11th Street), a spacious fenced off park that acts as the perfect foil to all the stresses of 6th street at SXSW.  We're expecting great outdoor weather on Thursday and this show/space is your perfect opportunity to settle in and relax while great tunes wash over.  The venue has a food truck and bar on site, everything you need while others run around waiting in lines.  The entire show is co-sponsored by some of our favorite music blogs including Pretty Much Amazing, The 405, We All Want Someone To Shout For, The Music Ninja, and The Decibel Tolls.

The lineup...

(acoustic set)

The Zombies are responsible for one of my top ten all time favorite albums, Odessey and Oracle.  On top of my own love, they are one of the best bands of the 1960's with massive hits "Time Of The Season", "She's Not There", and "Tell Her No".  The band even released a critical smash recently in 2011 with a great work in the album Breath Out...Breath In, showing that even over time The Zombies are still some of the best around at writing catchy/inventive tunes.  For our show, Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone will be stripping things down and delivering a very special and intimate acoustic set that is a can't miss.  This will be a celebration of not just any band, but one of the best of all time and a toast to their longevity even in the face of a changing musical landscape.


Making their debut in the USA, Et Tu Bruce is set to bring their throwback sound to the states.  Just as Ty Segall and White Fence have helmed a resurgence of 60's psychedelia, Et Tu Bruce have a sound that pays homage to The Kinks and other classic greats while making the sound all their own.  What I love about this band is their intelligent mixing of genres such as pop, rock, folk, and country all tied together by tight musicianship and harmonies.  The further we advance into laptops and electronics, the harder it is to come by great rock and roll groups that bring us back to the days of simplicity and power.  Et Tu Bruce are sure to win over crowds with their genre bending sounds and excellent craftsmanship they display as songwriters.



Dent May has been a long time WLFY favorite with his fun, yet odd, yet smart, yet fill in the blank sound.  There is great joy in the music Dent May makes and his live show always feels like a tropical party uprooted and sent straight to the American south.  He's one of the best young talents we have going today and I could see Dent May play live a hundred times and never get tired of his wonderful concerts.



If you read this website at all, you know we love Nerves Junior.  I could talk for hours about this band but I recommend you listen to their new three track EP HERE...and get really excited for their live show.


Hailing from Japan, Shugo Tokumaru has been around since 2003 and pushing the boundaries of imagination in pop ever since. With sounds coming from all directions and a whimsical mood, Tokumaru might just be one of the best bands at SXSW 2013. His newest album, In Focus?, is one of the best releases of the year and his newest music video let's you know that anybody coming to the show is in for quite the time:



Love electro-pop rock?  You'll love The Pass.  Hate electro-pop rock?  The Pass will change your mind.  These synth and upbeat rockers from Louisville craft catchy tunes that will have even the biggest  curmudgeon tapping their toes and nodding their heads.  A more fun SXSW show will be tough to find.



The Royal Bangs have been at the top of the indie synth world for years now.  Their high energy shows match the intensity that can be found on album after album since their debut in 2008.  The Royal Bangs have been wowing large crowds ever since and have appeared on David Letterman and a slew of major music festivals.  They will surly get the crowd going at SXSW and we're honored to have them playing our party.



Conveyor released one of my favorite debuts of 2012 and don't look to stop as they hit SXSW this year with a furry.  Their live show is jam packed with dreamlike tunes ranging all sorts of sounds and with a unique personality.  They use perfectly placed harmonies to undercut melodies that zip up and down with emotion.  One moment their soft and gentle, the next it's a full on rock explosion.  Conveyor might be new, but their live show is anything but immature, you would think they've been at it for a decade.



Miracles Of Modern Science might just be the most talented band at SXSW 2013.  With their mixture of classical music instruments with a contemporary pop/rock sensibility, nobody makes music like Miracles Of Modern Science.  This is another band where words can rarely do them justice, so check them out in the video below.



You know those voices that can just wrap you up, bring you in, and make you realize how special music can be?  Chris Denny has one of those unique and very special voices.  Prepare to be hypnotized by his special talent and unique personality as a songwriter and performer.   



The man responsible for what I believe to be the best folk album in the last two decades.  He might not be a huge name, but in my book he's the best undiscovered talent not only at SXSW 2013 but in the music world today.

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