WLFY Soundcast S2 - E5 (Album Review Backlash)


Season 2 - Episode 5
"Album Review Backlash"
with Hank Willenbrink (WLFY Co-Founder)


  1. Love the Soundcasts! Keep them coming.

  2. You just did this podcast for the HITS! Joking, don't cry.

  3. Really enjoyed the Soundcast, guys! Now that these are going to be a more regular thing, I'd love to see Zach revive the online film school thing he did for Distonal way back in the day. I know he has a passion for film and I'd love to hear more thoughts from him on the topic!

  4. awesome stuff. I really enjoyed this one. made my day, as they say :D

  5. "you playing with a slinky?" ha ha ha!

    you guys do a great job. looking forward to the future of WLFY.

    I just want everyone in this town to love each other, and help one another out. Louisville isnt the biggest town around, and we all need to cultivate and build up this music scene.

    i just want to say thanks for all the help that you guys, backseat sandbar, LMC, never nervous, etc has shown to so many louisville bands.

    keep it up.

  6. You guys didn't like Cloud Nothings No Future No Past?

    Man, fuck you guys.

    Cross out your social life in Cleveland too.

  7. That's been crossed out for a while, Bias Jerk. We took our talents to South Beach.

  8. I remember on my first Soundcast in May 2011 that Zach asked if I liked MMJ, and I replied something like "as much as I'm supposed to in order to live in Louisville."