Eleanor Friedberger Announces New Album

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Eleanor Friedberger makes it look (sound) easy.  Friedberger is a special musician because she smashes the perfect combination of words together in a free flowing, almost effortless manner that could charm even the most numb listener.  Friedberger is back with her sophomore album, Personal Record, a quadruple (maybe more) play on words and the first single, "Stare at the Sun" points to more of the same joy that was found on the debut Last Summer.  

One of my favorite qualities about Friedberger as a songwriter is her use of blending naturalism and magical realism.  Her lyrics are based in the real word, events, locations, feelings, etc...yet, imaginative lyrical brush strokes here and there boost the analysis of reality to a state of wonderment.  Ever since the album, Widow City, by her band The Fiery Furnaces, Friedberger has displayed a growing confidence.  With "Stare at the Sun" it seems like Friedberger has finally arrived not only as a charming frontwoman with talent, now it appears she's in full control of her thoughts and how they relate to communicating them through song.  This is an exciting time for one of the more important contemporary musicians and Personal Record could be the vehicle that makes the rest of the world realize how unique and essential Friedberger is to the world of music.

Eleanor Friedberger
Personal Record
Release Date: June 6th, 2013
Label: Merge Records

Album Preview Video

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