Track of the Day: King Tuff - "Sun Medallion"

“...Grade-A fancy maple syrup poured over crisp white snow and served with a pickle and a cider donut.” That’s how Kyle Thomas, better known as rock troubadour King Tuff, chooses to describe his comeback record Was Dead. And King Tuff was exactly that before this record: dead. “I had already made a few King Tuff albums in the early 2000's and had laid the project to rest around 2003” Thomas writes about his 2008 record, adding “something told me to resurrect King Tuff, hence the title.” Ever since then, King Tuff has been an unstoppable force of classic guitar driven sleaze. Equal parts head-banging punk and 80’s country rock twang, “Sun Medallion” is the kind of palate cleansing, good spirited romp that makes all other garage pop wannabes pail in comparison. Basically, it sounds as bizarrely delicious as the Vermont accoutrement described above.

Was Dead is set to be reissued on April 30th, 2013 on Burger Records. The deluxe, 180 gram 12” features a tip-on laminate cover and full color poster.


  1. It was actually originally released on Colonel Records. Burger just sold a few through their store. Definitely a classic though. Got the original lime green at home.

  2. ^He's right. Also, a handmade cdr was available at shows before that.