Track Of The Day: Kurt Vile - "Good Lookin Out" & "Freak Train (Live)"

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On January 22nd, Richie Records will reissue one of the more unheralded EPs of the past few years. And while I’m not totally on board with the recent trend of rapid repackaging, rereleasing and general rehashing of albums just a few short years after their release, this short run record from 2009 deserves a second chance with since-converted Kurt Vile-philes. The Hunchback EP marries the billowing, entrenched sounds of Childish Prodigy with the more hypnotic, guitar tickling vibes of God is Saying This to You. In an odd way, it marked the shift in sound to the more monstrous roar The Violators have provided the Philadelphia rocker ever since. 

And to entice the vinyl purchase, a download code good for a recording of the August 7th, 2011 concert in Atlanta, GA. will be sent along with the wax. One of the six live tracks features the equivocal Bradford Cox during “Freak Train,” making the recording a truly unique experience. If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Vile in person, take a listen to the ineffably powerful live version of “Freak Train” and hear what you’ve been missing.


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