Track of the Day: Boris - "Sometimes" (My Bloody Valentine Cover)

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Japanese tribute to My Bloody Valentine's 1991 opus, Loveless, titled Yellow Loveless has made one of the big early statements this year.  Normally, it makes sense to reign ourselves in about the hyperbole so early in the year, but what gives me hope is that the cover is executed by Boris.  

When Pink arrived in 2009, I was blown away.  Not being a big metal, sludge, or doom rock fan, it takes a little something to get me into a sound that's so foreign to my palate.  Boris was that band.  Now, I'm not saying that I've got a fu-manchu, thing for cosplay, or van with smoke coming out of it, but I still listen to my battered CD of Pink.  And, while Boris's following records, have been disappointing, something like this exacting almost perfect cover of "Sometimes" proves to me that I didn't lose years of my life waiting for new tracks.  

My Bloody Valentine's song might be totally indistinguishable in the 8+ minute drone.  The slow churn is almost literally brutal in both duration and sound as accents seem to tower up around the guitar's rumble.  Boris feels like it's putting "Sometimes" into one of those cartoon stretching machines letting the song fall apart before our eyes.  It's pure metal -- tearing something apart to see how beautiful it is on the inside.  

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