Track of the Day: The ACBs - "Record Store"

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Juvenilia is good.  And The ACBs have it.  Their underlooked 2011 record was a Pixies pun (Stona Rosa) and they sang about such lofty ideals as Street Fighter II all while blazing a fuzzy, indie pop sound.  "Record Store" from their album Little Leaves, due March via High Dive Records, takes the pop influences a bit further, as Konnor Ervin bemoans not having anything to do now that the Record Store is gone.  The ACBs are from a town much larger than mine, but I have to say that I understand the sentiment.  We used to hang out at the video rental place.  If there was a record store, they would have had to kick me out or give me a job.  But, I digress.  Probably the most notable difference between "Record Store" and the work on Stona Rosa is the addition of a synth line which the group handles with aplomb, managing to keep the hard driving rhythm going while pushing the pop on the top.


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