Ólöf Arnalds - "Sudden Elevation"

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Ólöf Arnalds is not like any other singer/songwriter.  Sure, her plucked acoustic guitar alone would conjure up hundreds of folk comparisons, but Arnalds herself is one of a kind.  Arnalds is Icelandic, but on her new album, Sudden Elevation, she sings only in English.  I was a bit apprehensive about this choice since her brilliant album Innundir skinni was a magical mixture of the two languages.  All fears can be put aside though, as the first singles from Sudden Elevation prove that an all English album won't be a deterrent for Arnalds' fans.

The newest single "Sudden Elevation" features a soothing melody that allows for Arnalds to deliver a pensive and powerful vocal performance.  At times, the listener will feel like Arnalds is simply talking to them and letting everything out, but the ease with which Arnalds delivers line after line is underscored by a trembling voice that plays possum.  Don't be fooled - she knows exactly what she wants to say.  The lyrical content is pure bliss as Arnalds juxtaposes the feelings of falling and being lifted up over and over throughout the song.  These two juxtaposing thoughts, falling and rising, are reflected perfectly with the song's overall unifying mood of gliding, something that can happen in both instances.  Arnalds is a truly original songwriter and her newest album Sudden Elevation is sure to be one of the more valuable releases of 2013.

Ólöf Arnalds
Sudden Elevation
Release Date: March 5th, 2013
Label: One Little Indian Records

1 – German Fields
2 – Bright And Still
3 – Return Again
4 – Treat Her Kindly
5 – Call It What You Want
6 – A Little Grim
7 – Fear Less
8 – Numbers And Names
9 – Sudden Elevation
10 – The Joke
11 – Onwards And Upwards
12 - Perfect

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