Track Of The Day: Beach Fossils - "Careless"

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Let's get this out of the way real quick, the What A Pleasure EP from Beach Fossils was one of the best releases of 2011 and the most underrated EP of the last few years.  Hank and I both agree that What A Pleasure should have been a major step forward for Beach Fossils and to this day, 100+ spins in, the EP has only gotten better with each play.

Beach Fossils are back with a new track and announcement of a second LP, Clash The Truth, and if the first single, "Careless" is any indication, Beach Fossils are not straying to far from the masterful work on What A Pleasure.  What makes this band special is their ability to craft songs that seem to walk the line between ease and tension.  "Careless" is laid back and easy to immediately lock into for the lister, but the song constantly drives forward, adding layers, and causing the brain to work while remaining comfortable.  

I was a little worried that "Careless" was just a missing piece of the What A Pleasure EP, but in the waining seconds of the song, Beach Fossils introduce an acoustic guitar that seems to bend with a glimmering filter to take the song out.  This leads me to believe that Beach Fossils have a master plan to craft an "albums album" with such attention to detail on how the track moves from beginning to shifting end.  With What A Pleasure getting "hey pretty good work" slaps on the back and not the out of this world praise it should have garnered, here is to hoping that Clash The Truth catapltoltes this band past buzz status and into the conversation as one of the most important groups we have today.

Beach Fossils
Clash The Truth 
Label: Captured Tracks
Release Date: Feb 19th, 2012

Track List

01 Clash the Truth
02 Generational Synthetic
03 Sleep Apnea
04 Careless
05 Modern Holiday
06 Taking Off
07 Shallow
08 Burn You Down
09 Birthday
10 In Vertigo [ft. Kazu Makino]
11 Brighter
12 Caustic Cross
13 Ascension
14 Crashed Out


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