Track of the Day: of Montreal - "Dumb Acre"

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In recent years, the lack of direction from Athens collective of Montreal has been all too obvious. From the oddly timed rarity collection out this month-Daughter of Cloud-to the wildly sporadic but mostly misunderstood Paralytic Stalks earlier this year, Kevin Barnes and his cavalcade of friends and family have seemingly lost their way since the impeccable Hissing Fauna, are You the Destroyer?

Now the band is using Kickstarter to try and fund a documentary of their 2008 tour in support of Skeletal Lamping. You know, the tour that brought us Barnes riding a white horse on stage. If you’re willing to contribute $35, not only will you receive the Song Dynasties documentary, but Of Montreal will also send you a limited edition vinyl of even more b-sides from the early years of the band. “Dumb Acre” is taken from that release, entitled Youth Froth/Taypiss, and has me truly reminiscing for a time when of Montreal stood for more than over-the-top visuals and hyper-sexualized storytelling. It’s unassuming and simple, but it functions as a reminder that Barnes once wrote about true love, not just about its devilish permutations.


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