IMPORTANT WAX: Demand Vinyl's 7" Singles Club

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Although we have had plenty to say about crowd funded projects as of late, it’s worth noting that we don’t totally hate all of them. Full disclosure, I have contributed to Ad Hoc, Decoder and Uncool’s Kickstarter projects myself. And I plan on buying into Demand Vinyl’s new crowd sourced vinyl club as well. 

The Demand Vinyl 7” Singles Club is the spawn of UK boutique label Something in Construction, a group of folks who have given release to such acts as Memory Tapes, Air France, Caribou, John Talabot and more. Building on the success of those prior releases, this vinyl only club takes an interesting approach to each release. Pairing a popular act on the a-side with a lesser known act on the b-side, this strategy will hopefully give well due exposure to impressive but unknown acts in the process. It’s the kind of advocacy we love, facilitated through our favorite medium. The series will feature 10 total releases spanning six months, with an initial bundle of four releases, and comes with a personalized box in which to house this collectable, exclusive vinyl. Included on the pledge page is a list of artists “likely to be” the bigger acts which are mentioned in the mission statement, highlighted by Hot Chip, St. Etienne, Levek and Air France.

Limited to 500 subscriptions, the Demand Vinyl 7” Singles Club is the kind of thoughtful, well curated endeavor we can get behind. For around $70 it’s certainly a premium package, but the track record behind Something in Construction is impressive and worth taking a risk on, despite details about the project’s release schedule being sparse.

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