Track of the Day: White Denim - "Darlene" & "Gas On F"

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Restless and reckless in their approach to releasing new music, Austin, TX foursome White Denim are not ones to sit still, . Last year's full length album D was impeccable in its blend of modern folk and catchy rock 'n roll hooks, but they weren't done yet, following it up with the release of Takes Place In Your Work Space EP. Both were tremendous, undervalued records, and now the group is sharing a few of the outtakes from the EP's session. "Darlene" and "Gas On F" are immediately recognizable as products of the Takes Place In Your Work Space session due to their more methodical, relaxing progression.

It's a side we rarely see from White Denim, a group who were put on the scene thanks to roaring tracks like "Let's Talk About It" and "Start To Run," so when they decide to get a little more sentimental I definitely take notice. "Darlene" features the faint whistle of a mellotron during the first few seconds of the track, giving it a sort of soft nostalgic twinge, while "Gas On F" is a meandering, gorgeous mix of tight-lipped vocals and echoing, painless guitar. Neither are spectacular enough to deserve an argument for being put on an album proper, but they once again reinforce how White Denim has become one of the most consistently impressive bands around.

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