Track of the Day: The Avalanches & David Berman - "A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart"

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There should be wings of libraries dedicated to motels.  Damp wings you have to follow a broken neon sign through cobwebs to reach.  The pages are stuck together and some of the books just have the same word written over and over.  Each book a different word but just repeating and repeating.  You have to pull on a chain to turn on the light.  There's a guy writing poetry in the bathroom on the mirror or maybe he's just trying to wash it off.  Understandable, your shoes stick to the floor.  Besides, there's a train or a semi or an airplane or a cruise ship that seems to go by outside every few minutes, making the whole place rock and the lights flicker like nobody's business.  What business is it of ours anyway who comes in here and who goes out?  We leave the light on, you decide if you want to stay the night.


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