Houndmouth - "Penitentiary" (Music Video)

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Our entry into the August 2012 Music Alliance Pact is Houndmouth's "Penitentiary," a robust slow-rolling tune which gets its visual counterpart via WLFY's own Zach Hart.  Zach won't brag about himself, but instead enlists me, which I'm always happy to do.  We've been hyping this song since we first heard it and now it's a natural choice for a video.  A kind of throwback anthem the narrative punch supplied by the video shows us a couple getting hard and taking to a life of crime.  This is the sort of thing that makes you long for when music videos were actually about something rather than an advertisement using the music that the commercial uses.   It also features one of my favorite locations in Louisville.  So, tell your boss you're not coming in this weekend, open up a bottle of Rye and enjoy...

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