Important Wax: Moons - "Bloody Mouth"

Bloody Mouth 
A Side: "Bloody Mouth" (Watchtower Version)
B Side: "Waves At Night"
Ltd. 250 (cream vinyl)
Price: $10 (includes shipping)
Label: No Recordings

It's always special when you can immediately tell that a new record label is going to bring tons of great sounds to your turntable, which is one of the reasons I’m so obsessed with independent run, vinyl-only labels, like the new label No Recordings. Their coveted #001 stamp goes to Moons, the project of Atlanta based musician Patrick Canaday.  The A Side track, "Bloody Mouth," is a slick song that rests on a relaxed synth line complemented by minimal percussion until Canaday's confident, nearly spoken vocals appear face to face with the listener.  The song grabbed me for good at the 1:52 mark when a guitar busts into the mix out of nowhere and rounds out the space.  As the track rolls on the song gets fuller until a wonderful sonic break at the 2:20 mark, only to have the aforementioned guitar blast off seconds after this necessary silent breath. 

This is smart and exciting songwriting.  Canaday never forces the issue or tries to make his music interesting; it's methodical, smart, and catchy.  If "Bloody Mouth" is any indication, not only do we have to closely watch the career of Canaday, but we’ll also need to keep an eye on No Recordings, whose brilliant taste thus far is cause for magnified interest.  With this being a promising record label’s #001 release, limited to only 250 copies, and the debut piece of wax from an artist with limitless potential, this vinyl is a must-purchase.  #001's always sit pridefully on your record shelf, and this impressive track will be quite pleasing on your turntable as well.

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Listen to the (Black Moth Super Rainbow feeling) B Side On Spotify


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  1. Yes, this song is amazing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Really digging it and after hearing the b-side on Spotify I went and picked up the 7". Really looking forward to what this label is going to come out with in the future.