Important Wax: Monster Rally - "Beyond The Sea"


Monster Rally
Beyond The Sea
12" Single Gatefold
Ltd. 500 (Lava Red Vinyl)
Label: Gold Robot Records

Monster Rally's new vinyl release Beyond The Sea was a no-brainer when it came to giving it our "Important Wax" title.  Before we even touch on the beauty of this instrumental music, the vinyl packaging appears to be tops, which we've come to expect from the consistently beautiful work that Gold Robot Records puts out.  It comes in a limited to five hundred SINGLE GATEFOLD (my wax obsession as many of you know) lava red colored vinyl.  The first hundred pre-orders also receive a super limited art booklet created by Monster Rally themselves.  

As for the music, based off the two tracks released, Beyond The Sea is a whimsical instrumental album that constantly moves forward and backwards at the same time.  As evident by "Jaguar", a dreamy melody repeats itself as thin guitars grow and bounce around the established loop.  This will be one of those pieces of wax you can throw on and lay on the floor as the tunes float above and take you to an introspective, yet blissful state.  I'm not a huge instrumental fan, but these tracks are packed with so much character, that even a music fan like myself who leans to the storytelling aspect of music, can imagine their own narrative to the sounds.


  1. Mind blown!!!

  2. Monster Rally - Honey (Chatter's Wild Demix)