SXSW 2012 UTOPiA Session: Conveyor

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If you read this site with any regularity, we've been all about NYC's Conveyor for the past year.  2012 seems to be in the crosshairs for Conveyor, as they played six SXSW shows to great crowds, pressed two 7" singles, and have their debut LP dropping with a matching two week tour.  During their hectic SXSW week, they stopped by the Wheeler Brother's house to tape a UTOPiA session for an unreleased song "Right Sleep".  These guys just keep getting better and hopefully many people will start joining the Conveyor rise.

The UTOPiA Sessions SXSW 2012 are presented by,, and Onion Creek Productions. Conveyor performs "Right Sleep"

Connect with the band:
Video by www.onioncreekproductions.comAudio by Craig LawrenceDirected by Aaron Brown & Pat CassidyCamera by Jamie Brown, Rob Seidel, Ben Bloom, and Aaron Brown. And Ryan with an iPhone!
Special Thanks to: The Austin Body Worker, Sirens Salon, 360 Vodka, and Zing Zang.
March 15, 2012 - Wheer Brothers' house in Austin
In association with UTOPiAfest, Sept. 28-30, 2012 in Utopia, TX.

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  1. wow!
    i love conveyor but that piece of music is clearly my favourite so far!